Mobile Monetization & Mobile Advertising

The MOBDAY Platform helps you to increase your revenue or reach out to your global audience!

Publishers & Developers monetize mobile traffic in a smart way!

Increase your income with an intelligent revenue optimization mobile platform.

MOBDAY RTB is a system that will search for the most profitable real-time campaign that displays to the visitors of the site or the users of your application so your earnings will be maximized in real time.
You just need to install the code for your mobile site or SDK or inside your application and you will start earning money through mobile advertisements for each click or impression.
As an Ad Network we just need to pass the Server to Server integration; after this succeeds we will take care of the mobile traffic from our Publishers to maximize your ROI.

Advantages and benefits with MOBDAY

  • Automatically maximization as possbile of your eCPM and revenue in accordance with your mobile traffic.
  • Detailed reports and metrics analysis.
  • Multiple campaigns models C.P.C / C.P.M / C.P.I with possibility for adjustment.
  • Payment on time from 7 days to 30 days !
  • Worldwide campaigns coverage with fill rate up to 95% *
  • Dedicated support e-mail / skype / phone.

For Advertisers & Ad Networks - mobile traffic at the best market rates

To sell or buy mobile inventory ?

We are open for to all types of collaborations.
The MOBDAY system it is integrated with premium partners - Publishers or Ad Networks - both are important for to us.
We analyze the needs of each potential partner and we adapt for all types of integration: Server-to-Server integration via API or direct mobile campaigns.

Do you need to acquire mobile users for your site or you need to promote your brand or do you have to promote your mobile Application / Game in Mobile Store?
On the MOBDAY platform we will do the right adjustments to gain the best performance for each of your mobile campaigns, we will assign the best mobile traffic accordingly with to your target.

MOBDAY platform features and targets

We are in continuous development and analysis to produce a product as useful and appreciated by Ad Network partners and our Publishers.
Some of the benefits of being a partner with MOBDAY:
  • Mobile Web Sites traffic monetization dedicated for mobile web publishers using standard mobile banner ads - Mobile Marketing Association.
  • Mobile Applications Monetization display mobile ads inside of mobile application using Server to Server integration or JavaScript Ad Code.
  • Fast ad delivery advanced technology to deliver banner ads in average time of 0.5 seconds.
  • Different models of campaigns MOBDAY algorithms combine CPC, CPM and CPI campaigns to maximize publishers' revenue.
  • Integration with mobile Ad Networks partners working with best mobile Ad Networks in realtime by Server to Server integration. MOBDAY's servers are connected directly with each partner's Ad Networks.
  • Advanced Dashboard & Reports we give the most important parameters metrics in our daily reports.
  • Agreements for fast payments to our publishers between 7 - 60 days by agreement with each partner.
  • High availability and dedicated support support for all time zones by e-mail , live via Skype or Phone.

Feel free to get in touch with us for any kind of proposal or simply for a feedback about MOBDAY services.

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