MOBDAY | Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages for publishers and developers?

Monetize mobile traffic with eCPM optimization technology
Global mobile ads for all of your users
Multiple campaigns with different type of payment CPC / CPM / CPI / CPA
Detailed reports in Publisher Dashboard
Automatic management of ads display
Only 3 steps to finish integration and start monetizing your mobile traffic

How to start?

Joining the MOBDAY Platform is easy and you can start displaying mobile ads in your mobile application or on your mobile sites in a matter of minutes.
Create an account for free, using the registration form to submit your minimal details about your site or application and you are ready to start the integration using different programming languages and methods from Server-to-Server and HTML for mobile sites.

How do we pay?

All your earnings from MOBDAY Dashboard are displayed in US Dollars.
The minimum amount for payments is 100 USD for PayPal payment method and 500 USD for Bank Wire Transfers.
Payment is usually made 60 days after the end of your first calendar month of working with MOBDAY.
However, this payment may take longer if MOBDAY advertiser partners have not made all of the payments for displayed ads into your app or mobile website.

Who can monetize with MOBDAY?

Any developers / publishers who have an application or a mobile web site which respects the Terms & Conditions and the Publisher Content Guidelines of MOBDAY.
You will need to meet the following criteria before submitting your site or app online for approval:
-You will need a site or app in order to start with MOBDAY.
-Your site or app will need to comply with our Publisher Content Guidelines.
-The MOBDAY Team reviews all sites and apps submitted by publishers before running them on the network. as a premium service reserves the right to select their partners - developers / publishers and ad networks.
We reserve the right to refuse or not to accept a partnership or collaboration at any time.