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Publishers / Developers

Maximize your Revenue Potential

Easy & Fast Integration

Our easy Publisher SDK (S2S /mobile web / app) can be integrated within an hour. Revenues start within an hour of going live.

100% Fill Rate & Revenue Optimization

We monetize 100% of your traffic with rotating campaigns on our network. Our Ad Server technology measures performances in real time and serves the best campaign to give higher fill rates to publishers and higher CTR's to advertisers.

Wide Advertiser Network across Verticals

We work directly with Advertisers across the globe with dedicated and long term budgets to monetize your mobile ad inventory.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our dedicated Account Manager will help you generate more yields from your traffic. We analyze performance at all ends and ensure you get the best campaigns which deliver high fill rates more revenue for your traffic.

Fast Payment

From different payment channels to simple payment release process - we provide the best of publisher services for immediate payments.

Maximize revenue schema

Publisher -> Ad Server = SSP => Ad Exchange & DSPs