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Started in 2010, MOBDAY.com is a platform with unique algorithms and logic which are created to maximize the monetization in mobile traffic industry.
We are helping mobile apps developers and mobile web sites publishers increase ad revenues around the world because MOBDAY is globally connected with Ad Networks Partners and DSP with a real-time ad exchange.

A powerful platform for efficient monetization

Since from its beginning in 2010, MOBDAY.com has had the mission of optimizing and maximizing the revenue of mobile web publishers using its own ads aggregation technology.
MOBDAY technology and algorithms of ad distributions are created by our own team. MOBDAY is a product developed from scratch which has grown day by day, step by step along with changes from the mobile ads industry.
With over 12.000 satisfied publishers and developers, together with more than 30 Ad Network partners, MOBDAY has become an appreciated platform for monetizing mobile traffic inApp and traffic from mobile web sites.